Eye-Catching Poles Make Entrance for Alkimos Estate

Eye-Catching Poles Make Entrance for Alkimos Estate

CLUSTERS of coloured poles in Alkimos are part of an estate entry statement, according to developers.

A spokeswoman for Alkimos Beach development partner Lendlease said the poles were the first stage of work designed by AECOM Landscape on Marmion Avenue and Graceful Boulevard.

She said the poles signified the “gateway” to the estate using vertical form and splashes of colour, and they would install more features this week.

“As part of these works, five oversized beach huts will be installed at the entry turn-off into Graceful Boulevard,” she said.

“The huts take their design cues from original turn-of-the-century bathers huts at South Beach, Fremantle.

“These boldly colourful structures will eventually be relocated from the entry and repurposed for other uses.

“Together with plantings of mature palms, a splash of green lawn and colourful groundcovers, the beach huts represent the vibrant lifestyle and beachside attractions.”

The spokeswoman said the main cluster of poles stood in a dune formation that was more than 10,000 years old and wrapped around the estate.

“This dune formation has geo-heritage significance and it is being preserved for future generations as public open space,” she said. “The dark colour of the poles was chosen to represent burned stems of the local grass trees that are often seen growing in clusters similar to the arrangement of the poles.

“Coloured strips at the tops and bases of the poles represent markings on maritime flags or marker signals.

“The poles will be in the current location for a few years until future road widening of Marmion Avenue requires the poles on the eastern side of the road to be moved.”

At the June 22 Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association meeting, resident Peter Stainthorpe said the poles detracted from the existing bush.

“There were nice trees there,” he said.

“Do developers just get to put up what they want?

“You wouldn’t see that on the approaches to Claremont._“I believe that the only place the developers have got any taste is in their mouths.”