Fee relief for fire brigade fundraiser

Mayor Tracey Roberts put forward a motion at the March 4 meeting to approve a $500 fee waiver for the gallery in the Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre and refund a $438 commission from paintings sold at the fundraiser in February.

Mrs Roberts said she was concerned when she found out the City was charging its own volunteer fire brigade to hire the gallery, and seconder councillor Denis Hayden said organisations that worked for the community should not have to pay.

The motion, carried unanimously, also amended the City’s donations, sponsorships and waiver of fees and charges policy to incorporate fundraising events where they target the Wanneroo community as a whole.

In a report, the City’s administration said it had not received an application from the group for that event, and under the existing policy, it would not have been eligible for a 100 per cent fee waiver.