Feral pigs in Neerabup: forget Peppa and George, this family is posing a threat to Perth’s natural ecosystems

Geoff Chisholm spotted a family of six pigs in Neerabup National Park.
Geoff Chisholm spotted a family of six pigs in Neerabup National Park.

A FAMILY of pigs wandering bushland caught the eye of a Joondalup resident during his walk this week.

Geoff Chisholm said he was walking in the bushland north of Burns Beach Road on Monday when he spotted “six feral pigs”.

Concerned about the potential for the animals to breed, he contacted the Times after trying to report it to local governments.

A Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) spokeswoman said people could call the local Parks and Wildlife office to report sightings of feral animals in national parks and nature reserves.

“(DPaW) is responsible for managing feral pigs on crown land vested with the Conservation and Parks Commission such as national parks, nature reserves and State forest,” she said.

“Feral pigs pose a significant threat to WA’s natural ecosystems, landscapes and biodiversity values.

“They turn over a significant amount of soil in their search for food thereby causing habitat degradation and an increased risk of introduction of weeds, dieback and diseases that can impact native animals.”

The spokeswoman said the department had not yet received any recent reports of feral pigs in Neerabup National Park.

To report feral animals in local parks, call the Swan Coastal district office in Wanneroo on 9303 7700.