Fire season prolonged

Phil Hay said no burning permits would be issued anywhere in the City of Wanneroo until further notice.

‘The lack of any significant recent rainfall has the current soil dryness index (SDI) being over 200 and the Keetch-Byram drought index (KBDI) being at around 190,’ Mr Hay said.

‘While the temperatures are cooler, the subsequent continued significant bushfire risk to the wider community requires the ban on any permits being issued to be put in place until further notice.’

The City’s fire services and volunteer brigades asked residents to ensure bushfire action plans remained tested, understood and effective.

‘Fires can occur at any time; the coastal plains of the City are still a bushfire risk area’ Mr Hay said. ‘We ask that the community remain alert and ensure no accidental fires occur.’

The annual bush fire season usually lasts from December 1 to April 1, but Mr Hay introduced fire restrictions earlier this season, on November 13.