Five new councillors, as one in five cast vote

Overall voter turnout was about 21 per cent of 93,906 eligible voters in the City of Wanneroo, with 38,041 valid votes submitted.

Dot Newton and Dianne Guise both retained seats in the central ward, winning 30.26 per cent and 28.17 per cent of the total votes respectively.

Rudi Steffens received 22.55 per cent of the coastal ward votes but not enough to retain the seat he’s held since 1999.

His place, and another vacated by Ian Goodenough after the federal election, went to Sabine Winton (28.61 per cent) and Glynis Parker (23.8 per cent).

In the north ward, incumbent Laura Gray lost to Linda Aitken, the Liberal candidate for Butler in the last State election, with a 44.2 to 55.8 per cent split of the votes.

In the highly contested south ward, where 11 candidates vied for three seats, two newcomers Domenic Zappa and Hugh Nguyen won four-year terms after attracting 16.87 and 15.76 per cent of the votes respectively.

With the third highest tally, incumbent Brett Treby won a two-year term to fill a seat left vacant in early 2012 when Alan Blencowe retired.

Stuart Mackenzie lost his bid to be re-elected in the south ward, securing only 8.12 per cent of the votes.