Foreshore erosion: Funding queried

Mr Quigley presented a petition with more than 2400 signatures to State Parliament last week, calling for urgent action on the Quinns Rocks foreshore.

After attending the public meeting last Wednesday, he raised a grievance about the issue in Parliament the next day.

‘Earlier this week, I tabled a petition with 2400 signatures highlighting community concern,’ he said.

‘The money has got to be found by the Minister for Transport, who is the Treasurer as well, but it must be found urgently.

‘The beach now has rented fencing along the footpath so that people cannot fall over and get injured.

‘What would happen in Cottesloe if they had put a rented fence up along Marine Parade to stop people falling off the footpath into danger? The money would be found to fix it.

‘I am asking the Treasurer to send a message to my community that money will not be an issue now ” it will be found so that these works will be undertaken urgently.’

Transport Minister and Treasurer Troy Buswell said he was ‘incredibly sympathetic’ to residents.

‘I can’t say to the people of Quinns ‘money is no object’ because there is a whole bunch of communities that have been impacted,’ he said.

‘We have a responsibility to protect those homes and the assets and infrastructure that support that ” state has a responsibility and local government have a responsibility.

‘What I can commit to doing is seeking advice from the Department of Transport as to where that process is at.