Freeway extension set for 2017 finish

The Brighton Estate Residents Association organised the public meeting at Butler College in October, where representatives from Main Roads WA gave 40 people a summary of the $315 million project.

Project director Chris Raykos said they were already aware of some of the issues they would face when they start building the freeway, such as the hard rock and caves.

Highlighting the current lack of east-west connectivity, Mr Raykos said the project included extending Neerabup Road to Wanneroo Road, linking to the Neerabup industrial area.

‘We believe the project will facilitate commercial expansion,’ he said.

Mr Raykos said when they extended the freeway to Hester Avenue, they would need to upgrade Hester into a dual carriageway where it crossed over the freeway path and train tracks.

Project manager Kugan Kugananthan said that it would run slightly south of the existing Hester Avenue, which they had deliberately built off alignment so it could remain open when they constructed the future upgrade.

Mr Kugananthan said MRWA had to build bridges over Burns Beach Road for the freeway, which will flank the railway line. He said they would also put a pedestrian overpass there, and the freeway would have two lanes, with provision for a third.

Mr Kugananthan said they would put a road bridge at Neerabup Road which would go over the freeway and three train tracks.

‘While we were modelling a concept plan for the freeway, we were told that the Public Transport Authority is planning to build a future east railway line,’ he said.

‘We were asked to leave width to fit the future railway line.’

Mr Kugananthan said they were currently going through environmental approvals.

The speaker said the timetable to deliver the project would see a contract tender issued in early 2014, and awarded a year later, with construction to start in early 2016.

He said the freeway construction would be complete in late 2017.