Generous help for NZ citizens

‘To assist parents with the cost of raising children and medical care, all New Zealand citizens living in Australia can access family assistance payments such as Family Tax Benefit, Medicare and job network services as soon as they arrive,’ the spokesman said.

‘The Government encourages people who have a long-term commitment to Australia to apply for permanent residence.’

He said special category visa (SCV) holders had to apply for permanent residency to gain full access to social security and citizenship.

‘Non-protected SCV holders who have lived in Australia continuously for 10 years (since the 26 February 2001 changes) are eligible for a one-time only payment of up to six months of Newstart, youth allowance or sickness allowance,’ the spokesman said.

‘SCV holders can qualify for age pension, disability support pension for people who have a severe disability, and carer payment for partners of disability support pensioners.

‘New Zealand pays superannuation, veteran’s pension and invalid’s benefit to eligible New Zealanders in Australia.’