Group on to dodgy counsellors

Group on to dodgy counsellors

Debra (surname withheld) said the Independent Advocacy Network would help and support those who had quality complaints and resulted from her own experience.

�My experience has left me with trauma because of a lack of training and qualification in the counselling service that I went to,� she said.

�I have since discovered that if you are going to disclose all your private life to somebody, you should make sure they have the experience and qualifications to abide by all codes of conduct and the privacy laws.�

She said her experience with a northern suburbs marriage counsellor left her with more problems than she initially had and she was now seeing a psychologist.

�To make a complaint about a counselling organisation is a very frustrating and time consuming job which also leaves you traumatised,� she said.

�I have experienced all of this and slowly found my way through it all.

�The organisation will tell you that you can only have the complaint dealt with by their own organisation but this is not true.�

Debra said she recently received an admission of breach of privacy, apology and compensation from the marriage counsellor, and wanted to help others in similar situations.

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