Group plans to monitor bush sites

Group plans to monitor bush sites

Quinns Rocks Environmental Group spokesman David Wake said the group was preparing a framework for monitoring bushland sites between Mindarie and Quinns Rocks, which range from 1ha to 11ha.

‘The workshop involved members of the group and representatives of other local conservation groups, the Urban Bushland Council, the City of Wanneroo and Perth Region Natural Resource Management,’ he said.

‘Ecologists Mike Bamford and Judy Fisher presented on monitoring bushland for fauna and flora respectively, drawing on their experience.’

Mr Wake said a key point was the need for monitoring to address local residents’ questions and use it to inform management, such as whether the condition of vegetation changed and what were the main weed species.

‘Engaging the community was seen as critical to keeping urban bushland, with monitoring a good way to do this ” it is practical and builds awareness,’ he said.

‘Monitoring methods need to be feasible given the volunteer time, skills and other resources available. Methods identified for the local sites included photographing from permanent points, mapping vegetation condition and weed species, using permanent flora quadrants and a regular census of birds.’

Mr Wake said participants at the February 23 workshop also suggested monitoring community attitudes and behaviour, which could involve a survey of residents.