Gym instructor only qualified for UK

Foundation Fitness participant Margie Rose said the group heard that the City of Wanneroo had told their trainer her UK qualifications were not recognised here.

Mrs Rose, who has been attending classes for almost two years, said the City recruited the trainer 18 months ago to run fitness sessions at the Phil Renkin Recreation Centre.

�They have breached their duty of care to the public,� she said. �They are just lucky that no-one has injured themselves in the last 18 months.�

The City�s acting community development director Michelle Brennand said:

�Speaking generally, the City has recruitment and auditing processes to make sure employees are suitably qualified.

�A comprehensive risk assessment was conducted and subsequent checks performed to ensure participant safety at the fitness program at Phil Renkin Recreation Centre.

�On average 23 people attend the four classes each week and there have been no reported injuries.

�Some participants have contacted the City with concerns about them ceasing.

�The City has contacted participants to reassure them that classes are continuing.�