Have say on park plans

Capricorn Village Joint Venture has applied to the City of Wanneroo to modify the structure plan covering its Grasstree Park precinct.

According to documents on the City’s website, the changes would simplify street and lot layout and fit in with the City’s local planning policy, which highlights maintenance concerns about an oversupply of small parks.

‘The modifications involve simplifying the street and lot layout and removing the proposed public open space area,’ the application said. ‘The changes will enable retention of the elevation and aspect from the site, strengthening of views and connections west and south to the future primary school and public open space and a reduction in earthworking and civil costs.

‘In addition, this amendment seeks to simplify the street and lot layout for the remaining balance of undeveloped land, by applying a blanket density code range of R25 to R40.’

It said the local structure plan included 13 per cent of public open space, exceeding the 10 per cent requirement, and removing the park would leave 12.83 per cent.

The developer’s application said all residents in the precinct would be no more than 200m from the 1.15ha Grasstree Park and a future 7.33ha active open space west of the proposed primary school site.

The comment period will close on August 19 and more information can be found at www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au.