Healthy Seal Resting on Quinns Rocks Beach

A WILDLIFE officer has reminded people to keep away from a fur seal seen resting on Quinns Rocks beaches regularly this year.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife’s senior marine wildlife officer Doug Coughran said the New Zealand fur seal, or long-nosed fur seal, was healthy.

“It has been hauling out in that same area since early January – it rests up then returns to sea,” he said.

“Sometimes older seals spend time away from the general population to reduce stress.

“People should give the seal space and keep their dogs away from it for their own safety and that of the seal.

“The seal’s general health presents fine and it just chooses to haul out on local beaches from time to time.”

If people see a seal with obvious body injuries they can report it to the department’s Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055.

Melissa Evans from the Department of Parks and Wildlife took a snap of the seal enjoying the sun earlier this year:

seal by Melissa Evans Parks and Wildlife