Hoon drivers cause concern

‘The other big complaint that we get is hoons; that drives people absolutely crazy,’ Police Minister Liza Harvey said.

The minister said she planned to table hoon legislation later in the year to permanently confiscate a vehicle on the first offence.

She said police were using covert cameras to gather evidence on hoon driving, with the 2014-15 State Budget including $170,000 over four years for more cameras.

‘We’ve seen loss of life through that sort of activity,’ Mrs Harvey said to the forum attendees.

‘You should be able to sleep at night without worrying about a car coming through your wall and killing you.’

In relation to proposed drink driving law changes, she said people caught drink driving would lose their licence, and if they applied for an extraordinary licence, it would include an alcohol interlock condition.

Mrs Harvey said the devices could be programmed to randomly test the driver while travelling, and if they refused to stop, the blinkers would start flashing and then start sounding the horn if they still did not stop for the test.

‘We want to get these repeat drink drivers immobilised,’ she said. ‘They have got a problem, these people, and we just need to stop this behaviour.’

Push for tougher sentences
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