Illegal dumping warning

Rubbish dumped on the side of Pipidinny Road
Rubbish dumped on the side of Pipidinny Road

Dumpers regularly target almost a dozen roads within the City, she said, as well as new estates and vacant lots where builders’ rubbish was illegally dumped.

‘In the 2013-14 financial year, the cleaning up of illegal rubbish dumping cost the City of Wanneroo around $374,000,’ Mrs Roberts said.

‘This money could have been better spent on other community facilities, such as improving parks, sports ovals or children’s playgrounds.’

She said illegal dumpers could be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act with maximum fines of $62,500 for individuals and $125,000 for businesses.

‘Under the Litter Act 1979 minor illegal dumping can attract an infringement notice of $500 or $2000 if taken to court,’ she said.

‘The City’s rangers will investigate reports of illegal dumping and this may result in the offenders being issued with an infringement notice or prosecution. Residents are urged to report illegal dumping to the illegal dumping hotline on 1300 766 541 or the City’s rangers on 9405 5000 during office hours or 1300 138 393 after hours.’

Mrs Roberts said if possible, people who witnessed illegal dumping should take note of the date, time and place, description of the offender, vehicle details and type of litter, but said witnesses should not put themselves at risk.

‘Photographic or video evidence will also assist rangers (to) follow up with any prosecutions that may result from the information,’ she said.

‘People who report littering or illegal dumping offences can remain anonymous.

‘However, to increase the chances of a prosecution it is preferable that these people are available to provide a witness statement.’

Community Newspaper Group editor-in-chief Matt Zis recently raised the issue of illegal dumping on 6PR radio with Gary Adshead, where callers identified Pipidinny Road in Eglinton as one of the worst illegal dumping sites.

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