In-kind help offered

Club contributions to Oldham Park works still undecided.
Club contributions to Oldham Park works still undecided.

Wanneroo councillors will tonight consider an update on the planned 100sqm extension slated for a meeting room at the existing changerooms.

The council agreed to the project, estimated to cost up to $295,000, in September. It said it would apply for a state grant to cover one-third of the cost and ask the clubs to commit to another third of the funds.

A report on October 14 agenda said the City had received endorsement from the four user clubs ” Yanchep Districts Junior Football Club, Yanchep Red Hawks Cricket Club, Yanchep Red Hawks Football Club and Yanchep Little Athletics Club.

However, the clubs also submitted their proposals for funding and indicated their preference to use volunteer labour from their 250-member families.

‘Their ability to collectively fund the maximum one-third contribution of $98,333 in the short-term is limited,’ the report said.

‘The clubs’ collective position is that the most effective way they can contribute to the project is through the provision of ‘in-kind’ works.’

The clubs also offered a second option to provide up to $20,000 by January and potentially increase that contribution through grants and donations.

Their third suggestion was for the City to charge each club an annual fee of $1000 for five years.

Butler MLA John Quigley weighed in on the issue last week and objected in writing to clubs having to contribute a third.

‘The sum of $300,000 for a 10m x 10m room with walls on only three sides to be constructed and a roof seems exorbitant,’ he said.

‘To then ask the sporting clubs, who desperately need their funds to run their sports, for a third of this money and to provide it by January 26, 2015, is an outrageous impost.’