Jindee draws near after 12 years

Jindee draws near after 12 years

TWELVE years of combined effort by a developer, state and local governments has resulted in planning approval for an undulating, vegetation-filled coastal estate in Jindalee.

The WA Planning Commission (WAPC) recently approved the local structure plan for the 112ha Jindee estate, located west of Marmion Avenue.

Estates Development Company (EDC) executive chairwoman Fiona Roche said they had worked with the WAPC and City of Wanneroo for 12 years to design a new way of protecting land that departed from historic development practices.

‘The development of a coastal village was first proposed in 2002 when world-renowned architect and urban planner Andreas Duany and his team of 12 architects and designers came to Perth and held a charette with EDC, City of Wanneroo and the WAPC,’ she said.

‘Further development of the concept continued with members of Andreas’ original team including DPZ Pacific and Ludwig Fontalvo-Abello. After leaving DPZ, Ludwig returned to Perth on a regular basis to lead the design team for Jindee which included the national planning team of Roberts Day.’

Ms Roche said the Jindee development was designed to reflect the traditional coastal living of Perth as at Fremantle, Rottnest Island and Cottesloe.

‘It seeks to be a walking environment where it is a pleasure to stroll through the natural environments, the village and the diverse residential areas,’ she said.

The estate will include about 1000 residential lots and 1300 dwellings, and have a ‘Jindee code’ to guide development, including addressing urban standard, thoroughfare, landscaping and architectural standards.

Next will be preparation and approval of the detailed area plans and subdivision application for stages 1A and 1B.

Project director Greg Dodd said they hoped to start construction later this year with home-sites for sale by spring 2015.