John Butler Primary College teachers nominated for WA Education Awards

Staff of John Butler Primary School. Picture: Bruce Hunt
Staff of John Butler Primary School. Picture: Bruce Hunt

ALMOST half the teachers at John Butler Primary College received nominations for the people’s choice award in this year’s WA Education Awards.

Of the 105 members of staff, 49 received nominations – a level of satisfaction school board chair Kirsty Pratt put down to the sense of community and quality of teachers.

“Forty-nine is pretty amazing – we are only in our third year,” she said.

“Building a community has been very much a focus for us.

“We are very much about removing barriers to participation in education – that inclusiveness extends out to our families.”

Mrs Pratt said staff members had also nominated 45 teachers for other award categories, so, accounting for the crossovers, the school had a total of 70 staff members nominated this year.

“We take a great deal of care in our staff selection – we refer to it as ‘diamond hunting’,” she said.

“I think this is a positive reflection of that process.”

Across north coast suburbs, students, parents and community members nominated more than 90 teachers at 11 schools for the award recognising those who made a difference in their local public school.

The staff member with the most votes will receive the people’s choice award at the WA Education Awards 2016 presentation event on November 28.

People’s Choice Awards nominations

Butler College: Meredith Barnes, Megan Beadle, Greta Casella, Raluca Gavriliu, Janina Haluszczak, Kelly Johnson.

Butler Primary School: Shelley Ockelford, Elizabeth Pierce.

Clarkson Primary School: Laura Cooke.

East Butler Primary School: Neveen Awad, Lorena Bengough, Kayla Butterly, Jess Dann, Kirsty Dickson, Sophie Jenkins, Emma Mather.

John Butler Primary College: Natalie Archibald, Shelley Atkinson, Alexandra Biundo, Pamela Blackie, Gillian Blackshaw, Jodi Butterworth, Tania Carmichael, Kerry Collett, Joanne Crabtree, Melanie Cruickshank, Amber Davies, Karen Denning, Sharon Evers, Vanessa George, Lee-Erin Goodfield, Lynda Hall, Kay Hicks, Pauline Hodgins, Alexandra Hodgson, Sharon Hogan, Jacqueline Hughes, Hannah Johnstone, Vicki Kavanagh, Alan Kelly, Gaynor Kirkpatrick, Blair Ledger, Brett Lewis, Tanya Luke, Lucy McQuillan, Mark Mettam, Kimberley Noble, Melissa Obern, Lesley O’Donnell, Amy O’Reilly, Michelle Parker, Ellen Salmon, Kelcey Sambell, Annmarie Schell, Ashleigh Shaw, Rachel Simpson, Stuart Smith, Christine Turner, Lyndal Wade, Amy Wardle, Linda Wayman, Lisa Williams, Nicola Wilson, Natalie Witherow, Natasha Woodall.

Mindarie Primary School: Lorena Atkins, Barbara Bromley, Dustin Burns, Andrew Crosby, Jessica Harley, Jonathon Hobson, Aileen Moore, Hanusia Szczygiel, Andrea White.

Mindarie Senior College: Kathleen Bishop, Louis Cheeseman, Julia Lee, Luke Trollope.

Quinns Rocks Primary School: Heidi Malone.

Two Rocks Primary School: Jacinta Matthews.

Yanchep Beach Primary School: Clare Allpress, Carla Humphrey, Matthew Jarman, Dale Jory, Claire Moodie, Catherine Ricciardone, Sarah Sulon, Charlotte Thurlow.

Yanchep District High School: Beverley Heesters, Sandra Horsley, Adam Lewis, Debra Norris.