King Neptune’s trident inspires sculpture at Atlantis Beach

Rick Grigsby and his brother Ben with the sculpture.
The Trident sculpture on Breakwater Drive.
Rick Grigsby and his brother Ben with the sculpture. The Trident sculpture on Breakwater Drive.

A TRIDENT held by the iconic King Neptune statue in Two Rocks inspired a stainless steel sculpture recently erected on Breakwater Drive.

Marmion artist Rick Grigsby designed and built the sculpture for the Atlantis Beach estate developers.

It took three weeks for Grigsby to build The Trident, which is the first sculpture he has made himself.

“Over the years I have designed many sculptures for clients as part of my 3D animation business, Last Pixel,” he said. 

“However, they were designed as conceptual artistic impressions only. This was the first time I had been commissioned to build a sculpture, as well as design it.

“The iconic King Neptune statue is a defining feature of Two Rocks and the sculpture is a great way to showcase the history of the town.

“One of the biggest challenges in constructing the seven-metre high sculpture was the three-week construction timetable.

“We saved time by constructing the sculpture at my Marmion home, which has a large workshop and the necessary equipment to build the sculpture.

Rick Grigsby built the sculpture at his Marmion home with his brother Ben.

“With assistance from my brother Ben, who is a design draftsman and very familiar with steel fabrication, we completed and installed the sculpture on time.

The Trident sculpture has been installed on one of the central roundabouts on Breakwater Drive. The central spire points towards the coast and the town centre of Two Rocks, where King Neptune has pride of place overlooking the town.”

Estate project director Jarrod Rendell said they hoped to engage other artists and designers to create art for the estate as it developed.

“The new sculpture encapsulates the iconic King Neptune statue that has defined the Two Rocks area for many years while at the same time giving it a modern treatment,” he said.