Kitten rescued from substation

Tesla the lucky feline.
Tesla the lucky feline.

‘A couple of young girls reported hearing the kitten’s meowing echoing up the ducting,’ he said.

‘We listened to where the noise was coming from and started digging at one end of the cable duct to free him.

‘The poor fella had possibly fallen in overnight and had been trapped for about 24 hours.’

After trying to coax the kitten out without success, Mr Donaldson returned with some rope and lowered it into the hole. The cat latched on and started to climb very slowly as he pulled the rope up.

‘Inch by inch he got closer until I managed to put my hand in and grab him and lift him out,’ he said.

After giving him some water and a check-up at the vet, Mr Donaldson decided to adopt the lucky feline.

‘We named him Tesla after Nikola Tesla ” the pioneer and inventor credited with discovering alternating current,’ he said.

‘I felt it was appropriate considering where his lucky escape took place.’.

Mr Donaldson said that just like his namesake the cat is a little ball of energy.