Laptops proving a useful learning tool for students

Yanchep District High School students using the laptops.
Yanchep District High School students using the laptops.

The school recently bought XO laptops designed by One-Education for its kindergarten to Year 6 classrooms.

Teacher Claire Carmichael said they were using the laptops to supplement literacy and numeracy learning for the early-years groups. ‘They have also been used in the other curriculum areas for planned and purposeful learning.

‘For some students, who struggle with writing in the early years, it helps them learn the phonics they need in a fun, game-like way.’

Pre-primary educator and Getting it Right Literacy (GIRL) specialist Helen Sandell said the children were learning through play and loved it.

‘In the middle and upper primary, the XOs are used as an independent and shared learning tool with the teacher and students,’ Miss Carmichael said.

‘They allow the children to reshape and reinvent their learning, giving the students ownership of their education.’

Year 6 educator Deb Norris said parents or teachers could expect ‘a positive change’ to their children’s learning by giving them the system.

Miss Carmichael said YDHS planned to give all children the opportunity to have technology immersed into their daily schooling in the future.