Le case adjourned

Senior Counsel Nicholas Tweedie, defending the Le brothers against a claim of using sheds as dwellings, asked Magistrate Barbara Lane to withdraw on the grounds of an irregularity.

Mr Tweedie argued Ms Lane ‘Googled’ the name of one of two labour hire companies Mr Le named in earlier proceedings and claimed she had said it ‘did not exist’ before questioning Mr Le with ‘what do you say to that?’

Ms Lane defended her position and words.

‘What I said was, ‘are they West Australian companies, because I Googled them’, there were no further questions of Mr Le,’ she said.

She said there was not ‘an irregularity of significance to cause a mistrial’ and the answer to whether there was a reasonable apprehension of bias ‘is also ‘no’.’ Ms Lane adjourned to allow time for an appeal against her decision in the Supreme Court and set the next hearing for September 26. Claire Ottaviano