Locals rally against 4WDs

Residents and politicians at the beach rally in Alkimos.
Residents and politicians at the beach rally in Alkimos.

Organiser Emma-Lee Jackson said the March 1 beach rally had been a positive event supported by residents, councillors, politicians, police and rangers.

She said awareness of safety issues was important for 4×4 enthusiasts.

‘I would not want them to have to live a life with regrets for killing a child playing in the sand,’ she said.

‘I was disappointed but not surprised that on completion of the rally a 4×4 sped past us then squeezed and sped through a three-metre gap between residents and their sun shade as they were fishing.

‘A child could have easily have stepped out.’

The mother said Alkimos and Eglinton no longer had a population of 25, as recorded in the 2006 Census.

‘It is a growing and family-friendly suburb with a projection of a satellite city with an estimated population of 25,000 by 2025,’ she said.

‘There have been deaths and there will be more unless 4×4 drivers begin to pay attention to the large signs that pinpoint that it is illegal.’

The Alkimos Progress Association’s communications secretary Hayden Morgan said the rally was worthwhile if it stopped one person getting hurt.

Peet Limited managing director and chief executive Brendan Gore said the rally, backed by landowners, showed how the community felt about the improper use of off-road vehicles in the dunes and on beaches.

‘Landowners and developers in Alkimos-Eglinton are working closely with authorities to more effectively ensure the safety of local beaches, and keep off-roaders and residents separate and safe,’ he said.

‘It’s good to see so many in the community coming together to support the issue.

‘We need to work together to educate and deter those who don’t respect the rules.’

During the March 1 beach rally, Wanneroo Rangers assisted a 4WD driver bogged on private land overnight.

They said the driver would receive a trespassing fine from the landowner, while another vehicle bogged on the beach received an infringement from a ranger.

Several 4WD enthusiasts also attended the rally to defend their past-time and appeal for access to the largely undeveloped coastline between Jindalee and Yanchep.

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