Markets to return after a rainy start

Organiser i60 Community Services cancelled the October 4 event because electricity could not be provided during the wet weather but plans to go ahead with the monthly Brighton Moonlight Markets next month.

Program development manager Trischa Botha said the markets had become a fixture on the community’s calendar and last financial year they raised $17,000 for i60’s youth programs.

‘We hope to raise even more money this year so we can continue to give back to the people and families of Brighton and surrounding areas,’ she said.

‘Last year we had more than 50 stalls at each event with a crowd of about 3000 people and we hope to see the same again this season.’

The Friday night event, originally scheduled for November 1, will instead be merged into the Butler Community Open Day on a Sunday.

This summer’s markets will be held in Brampton Park on Kingsbridge Boulevard from 5.30pm on November 10, December 6 and February 7.