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‘We are still having a lot of burglaries because people are not locking their doors,’ Clarkson Acting Senior Sergeant Rebecca Mayger said.

‘They are very much crimes of opportunity (and) it’s not one suburb; it’s through the metro area.

‘People need to check that their doors are closed (and) when they are home, don’t leave their car keys on the kitchen bench.’

Sgt Mayger said police received reports of valuables such as push bikes, lawn mowers and whipper snippers being taken from garages when the garage doors were left open.

She said thefts of wallets, handbags, laptops and other valuables left visible in vehicles were also common. ‘Take responsibility for the security of your own property,’ Sgt Mayger said.

Clarkson Sergeant David Todd said there had been a recent spate of burglaries through unlocked doors while residents were in the home.

Sgt Todd said during one at a Ballymote Gardens house in Ridgewood on April 29, the resident was asleep upstairs.

‘He was woken up by a car starting, then hearing a door slam,’ he said. ‘He saw his car being driven off, following another car.’

Street Watch, page 4