Mindarie: community nurse cops fine for parking on patient’s driveway crossover

The City of Wanneroo issued a parking fine for parking in a driveway crossover.
The City of Wanneroo issued a parking fine for parking in a driveway crossover.

PARKING on a driveway crossover led to a parking fine from the City of Wanneroo for a community nurse.

Michelle Smith was parked in the driveway of a Mindarie patient’s home for her daily visit on December 5.

A City of Wanneroo employee took a photo and Mrs Smith later received a $100 infringement notice for parking in the area.

Located opposite Mindarie Primary School, the site has a ‘No stopping road or nature strip’ sign.

Mrs Smith said she wrote to the City contesting the fine because she didn’t believe she was contravening the rules.

“I wrote an email just stating the reasons why I was parked where I was,” she said.

Today, she received a letter from the City that said it had contravened the local parking law and there was “no legislative provision to withdraw an infringement notice lawfully introduced”.

The letter advised Mrs Smith that she could dispute the infringement in court, but if a driver was convicted, the magistrate could impose a penalty of between $1000 and $5000.

The City’s community and place director Debbie Terelinck said in this instance, the vehicle was parked in a road reserve that was sign posted as a ‘No stopping’ area.

“Road reserves include the portion of a verge that functions as a driveway,” she said.

“The owner of the vehicle requested a review of the infringement which was not upheld.

“While Silver Chain performs a valuable service in the community, their drivers are subject to the same laws as other road users and the response given reflects this.

“Staff are open to having discussions with Silver Chain regarding any special needs that they may have.”

Mrs Terelinck said the road reserve ran from the property boundary and signage covered the entire road reserve.

“(The) ‘No standing’ signs are erected on streets to maintain traffic flows and ensure sightlines and road safety,” she said.

“Penalties are a $100 on the spot fine and a fine of at least $1000 if the matter is unsuccessfully contested in court.”

For more information on parking regulations, visit www.wanneroo.wa.gov.au/parkinginformation.

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