Minister urged to fast track plan

Raising a grievance in State Parliament last Thursday, August 15, Butler MLA John Quigley asked Planning Minister John Day to expedite the process of the City of Wanneroo’s proposed amendment to a planning scheme.

This would allow the City to collect contributions from developers in Yanchep and Two Rocks to funds district facilities, including the playing fields.

‘The minister is aware of the exploding population ” these are young families who have moved into the area and, as all young families do, they have aspirations for a healthy lifestyle for their children,’ Mr Quigley said.

Responding in Parliament, Mr Day said he had met with the City of Wanneroo’s mayor and chief executive a few weeks ago.

‘They put the case that they would like to see amendment 122 to the City of Wanneroo’s district planning scheme be finalised as quickly as is reasonably possible,’ he said.

‘I recognise that the community and, from what the member says, the majority of private landowners are keen to see the amendment progress as quickly as possible so that we can get an outcome delivering some of the recreational parks, sporting grounds and other infrastructure needed for the rapidly growing region.

‘I undertake to do whatever I can to ensure that this amendment is finalised as soon as is reasonably possible, bearing in mind that it was only received by the Planning Commission (on July 5).’

Mr Day said adequate community facilities were necessary for the anticipated population of 230,000 people in the northern growth corridor.