Moylan makes her farewells

Moylan makes her farewells

The Liberal member gave this response in an ABC radio interview last week to whether she would miss the interaction with people:

‘I had a constituent come to me with a child with diabetes many years ago, about 1999. He had just started school and they were having trouble regulating his insulin and they asked me to get insulin pump consumables listed on the National Diabetes Services Scheme.

‘I went off to the leadership at the time ” the Cabinet members ” and asked them about this. They said ‘look we’re sympathetic but we’re trying to balance the budget, we’re not going to spend anymore money’.

‘So I came back to my office and thought ‘well there’s only one way to deal with this and that’s the critical mass’. So I rounded up colleagues on both sides of the house and we started up a Parliamentary diabetes support group. And I think the next budget we got nearly $11.7 million to fund insulin pump consumables on the NDSS.

‘Now that little boy ” his parents used to bring him back to my office almost every year around Christmas time. He became the dux of his school. He went on to do extraordinarily well at high school and is probably almost finished university now.

‘And they’re the kinds of things that really touch you and make the job worthwhile.’