Merriwa mother awarded WA Local Hero for Pledge for Nate campaign

Stacy Dunbar with eight-month-old daughter Eve.
Stacy Dunbar with eight-month-old daughter Eve.

STACY Dunbar wants no other parent to feel the pain of losing a child through drink driving.

The Merriwa mother launched the Pledge for Nate campaign after a drunk driver crashed through her eight-month-old son’s bedroom in January last year.

On Saturday, Mrs Dunbar was named 2015 WA Local Hero for her work preventing more unnecessary deaths.

She has become a strong advocate for improving road safety, including pushing for a barrier to protect her Hester Avenue home.

The family had a win when trees were planted to buffer the corner earlier this year.

Mrs Dunbar said she was shocked but humbled her efforts had been recognised.

‘The whole idea for the Pledge for Nate campaign was just to try and stop people from being put in my situation,’ she said.

‘I didn’t want anybody to have to go through what we have.’

The campaign not only urges its pledges to remain sober behind the wheel, but to promise the same of their family and friends.

Mrs Dunbar said Nate’s story could deter notorious drink drivers.

‘They actually have a tool to say to that person ‘I’m really serious’