New leadership for land project

Capricorn Village Joint Venture (CVJV) chairman Richard Newton told the Times it had undertaken a strategic review and decided to shift project management to an external team, Acumen Development Solutions.

‘It is such a long-term project with the Yanchep and Two Rocks land,’ Mr Newton said. ‘We are not far off starting Two Rocks and getting towards the end of the Yanchep development.

‘It was the perfect time to review how we are going about it.’

The change, expected to take effect in mid-October, will shift management responsibility from the team currently led by Russel Perry in West Perth to Acumen principals Jarrod Rendell and Nick Perrignon.

Mr Newton said residents should not expect the change to affect various projects and events co-ordinated by CVJV.

‘In terms of what people see on the ground, there will be no change at all,’ he said.

‘I would like to think it would be enhanced.’

In a letter to consultants in the area, Mr Newton said the owners were pleased with the success of the CVJV team led by Dr Perry since development started.

‘We wish to especially recognise the efforts and diligence of our CVJV team over the last seven years in establishing the Capricorn Village project and undertaking early planning for the Two Rocks project,’ he said.

‘The support for both projects from the owners remains very strong and committed, and we look forward to the launch of the Two Rocks project.

‘In terms of the current operation of Capricorn Yanchep, we welcome the support of the consultant team to ensure as smooth as possible a transition.’