New memorial for commemoration

President Peter Lofdahl said the cenotaph resulted from a $35,000 federal grant and would be lit up every evening.

The memorial is at the Quinns Rocks Sports Club on Tapping Way, a few metres north of the first memorial that overlooks the bowling green.

�If we were going to have a memorial, what better year than this year?� said Mr Lofdahl.

�We couldn�t go either way to enlarge it because of the bowling green. We thought if we came up here, people would have got more room for laying wreaths.

�The plaque will cover every conflict Australia has been involved in.�

Mr Lofdahl said the April 25 service would take place in front of the cenotaph and they expected about 3000 people to gather at 5.30am.

�People will be able to stand and move around in this area; we can have the local school children with their orchestra under the shaded place � that will protect them from the weather,� he said.

There would be seating for about 80 people.

�We are not having as many chairs. We found they were an obstacle last year, so we are mainly catering for the elderly and disabled,� Mr Lofdahl said.

�That way we feel we can get more in. The service is not going to go so long that it�s going to be a strain on people, particularly young people.

�We will have a screen down near the other bowling green so that people standing up here can see what�s going on.�

Merriwa author and retired serviceman Peter Winstanley will speak at the service and there will also be an RAAF flypast.

�We are going to release the six white doves,� he said.

�Once the VIPs have finished laying wreaths, our MC Wally Harmer will invite members of the public to come forward and lay a floral tribute.

�We have an indigenous young student who is going to do a welcome.

�We also have a young New Zealander who�s going to give a short address on the connection between Australia and New Zealand.�

Both the Australian and New Zealand anthems will feature in the service. The Peter Moyes Anglican Community School orchestra will provide the music.

�We are looking forward to everyone attending. It�s open to members of the public; they will be made to feel welcome because it�s their day as well as ours,� Mr Lofdahl said.

�It�s an opportunity of recognising all the members of the Defence Force that have served or are still serving. It�s keeping the Anzac Day tradition alive.�

For more information, call 9305 1303.