New school sites to be announced

‘The Department of Education constantly monitors population growth, planning information and enrolments at existing schools,’ Mr Collier said.

‘Sites for future schools are set aside, particularly in fast-growing areas.

‘It typically takes two years to plan for and build a primary school, and three years for a high school.’

The minister was responding to the Times after the City of Wanneroo’s growth manager Mark Dickson said the minister was considering three sites in Alkimos at the Alkimos Progress Association’s March 13 meeting.

Mr Dickson said there would eventually be 15 schools in Alkimos and Eglinton, with the first, St James Anglican School, due to open in 2015.

‘The other matter that is currently before the minister is another primary school,’ he said. ‘There are three choices ” Shorehaven, Trinity and Alkimos Beach but the minister hasn’t decided yet.

‘A rule of thumb for schools is that for every 1500 dwellings, there’s a need for one primary school, and for every 6500 to 7000 dwellings, there’s a need for a high school.’

Mr Dickson said the timing of future schools was unknown, but the City worked with the developers, who gave up land to the Education Department, to determine where they should go.

‘We work with the principal of a school so they are designed in a way that the community can use them as well as the school children during the day,’ he said.