Clarkson Builder Deregistered for Negligence

A CLARKSON builder has been deregistered as a contractor after he was negligent in the construction of homes in Wanneroo and Nannup.

William Stopforth, trading as Phoenix Building Contractors, was also fined $3500 for his malpractice when he fronted the Building Services Board this month.

Between April and July 2013, Stopforth left a roof frame unsupported in a Wanneroo home when he removed supporting walls in the property’s kitchen.

He also failed to take out compulsory home indemnity insurance, did not provide the owners with a copy of the home building work contract and failed to obtain a building permit prior to commencing work.

In Nannup between March and August 2010, he took deposits from the home owners without providing them with a certificate of home indemnity insurance.

Home indemnity insurance covers homeowners against financial loss if a builder is unable to complete residential work.

By law, builders must take out a policy before they ask the homeowner to pay a deposit.

Stopforth was deregistered as a building contractor but retained his qualification as a building practitioner under strict conditions.

The condition prohibits him from being the nominated supervisor for a building company, partnership or body in which he owns shares or is a director, partner or member.

Building commissioner Peter Gow said he expected better of a registered builder.

“The action taken sends a clear message to registered builders who fail to maintain proper standards or act inappropriately that the privilege of registration can be withdrawn or significantly limited,” he said.