No timeframe on Quinns Rocks Caravan Park redevelopment

No timeframe on Quinns Rocks Caravan Park redevelopment

THE City of Wanneroo has no timeline yet for redeveloping the old Quinns Rocks Caravan Park, which closed in late 2014.

The City’s draft economic development strategy, which was advertised for public comment earlier this year, set a goal for its property manager to start market research in 2016-17 to consider potential tourism park opportunities for the caravan park redevelopment.

City corporate strategy and performance director Noelene Jennings said |the coastal site was environmentally |significant and a project manager was |appointed this month.

“The City is committed to working towards a positive outcome for the site and has appointed a dedicated officer from the City’s property services team to oversee the project,” she said.

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“To date, the site has been cleared of all pre-existing structures, closure signage has been erected and gates have been installed to prevent unauthorised access.

“Due to the nature of proposed redevelopments, it is very important for the appropriate planning and environmental studies to be conducted and verified.

“Once the outcomes of these studies are available, the City will be able to consider the appropriate course of action.”

Mrs Jennings was unable to provide a timeline but said there would be community consultation.

At the August 9 council briefing session, a Wanneroo resident asked how the Quinns Rocks long-term coastal management plan would affect the “now defunct caravan park”.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said the caravan park was being reviewed.

“It will be back as a caravan park – a bigger and better model,” she said.

The resident said she was glad it would still be a caravan park but asked if it would happen in the near future.

“There’s a great need for tourism in the City of Wanneroo; there isn’t enough,” she said.

Last year the City set up a councillor working group that would guide proposals for a modern caravan park to replace the old one.

The City also allocated $100,000 in its 2016-17 budget for consultancy costs related to the caravan park redevelopment.