Park pond full of litter

Andrija Kvaich is concerned about litter and broken paving around a Ridgewood pond.
Andrija Kvaich is concerned about litter and broken paving around a Ridgewood pond.

Clarkson photographer Andrija Kvaich said he regularly walked to the pond in Ridgewood Park and had concerns about litter and holes in the paving.

Mr Kvaich said the park, which included a playground, bush reserve, sports oval and clubrooms, was a nice place to visit but needed maintenance.

‘They do have bins here and to be fair, it’s not just the City (of Wanneroo), it’s the community,’ Mr Kvaich said.

‘It just doesn’t feel like it’s being maintained.’

While recent rains have raised the water level, Mr Kvaich said there was plenty of litter below the murky surface.

‘As soon as the water is gone, you will find under there, there is rubbish,’ he said. ‘If the ducks get in here, it can be bad for them.’

Sections of the brick paving along the terraces are missing, although some patches had been repaired with cement.

The City’s infrastructure director Dennis Blair said staff removed debris from the water’s surface weekly and was not aware of any negative effects on wildlife.

‘The pond is an irrigation pond, for Ridgewood Reserve, and water levels are maintained throughout the year,’ he said.

‘In winter, stormwater provides the primary water source and in summer underground water is pumped into the pond.

‘The main maintenance issues at the pond are removal of general litter such as bottles, cans and paper, which enter through stormwater pipes.

‘This year, the City emptied the pond to remove debris and redistributed the sand evenly across the surface of the pond liner.

‘Residents can call the City on 9405 5000 if they have a concern about any public facilities.’