Peet seeks early start

A report on the March 31 agenda seeks approval for Peet Limited to clear more of its estate east of Maroon Avenue.

At last week�s briefing session, the City�s planning implementation co-ordinator Jay Naidoo told councillors that the structure plan and subdivision application had not yet been approved.

Mr Naidoo said the plan had been delayed as the WA Planning Commission and the developer were still negotiating, but the developer wanted permission to do bulk earthworks.

Responding to concerns about setting a precedent, the City�s planning and sustainability director Philip St John said the council decision would not pre-empt future development.

�It is at the applicant�s risk if they want to undertake these works prior to subdivision approval,� he said.

The council report said works undertaken may need to be modified at a later date based on road and lot levels in the subdivision approval.

The Times understands a private school is proposed within the subject area, with the Swan Christian Education Association having run an online survey that ends today.