Pet access petition submitted in 2009

The plan said the City consulted the community in August 2009 and the council referred a report back to administration that September.

‘Further consultation was carried out in early 2010 and the council received a petition of 1459 signatures supporting an extension to the Quinns Rocks dog beach on April 6, 2010,’ the plan said.

‘The results indicated that public opinion is divided regarding the extension of the Quinns Rocks dog beach, or the implementation of a dog beach at Claytons beach.’

It said the council decided to hold a comprehensive investigation through a management plan to assess existing dog beaches and the need for more.

‘The City of Wanneroo has 9.75 registered dogs per metre of existing allocated dog beach ” a much lower density of dogs per allocated metre of beach than either Joondalup (25.2 dogs per metre) or Stirling (21.79 dogs per metre), and is only marginally higher than the City of Cockburn (8.16 dogs per metre),’ the plan said.

‘Based on population growth projections, if the City’s current number of dogs per allocated metre of beach is to be maintained, it is estimated that the City will need to provide an additional 1.5km of extra dog beach over the next 20 years.’

According to the plan, community consultation for the coastal management plan found 72.5 per cent of submitters supported longer dog beaches, 69.6 per cent supported an additional dog beach and 61.3 per cent supported off-peak access to all beaches.

One of the plan’s recommendations was to extend the Quinns Rocks dog beach 700m south within five years, but the council decided last month to only extend it 320m while coastal protection works were underway around Frederick Stubbs Park.