Peter Moyes ponytails get the chop for Pantene Beautiful Lengths foundation

Megan Bothma, Millie Foster and Shae White.
Megan Bothma, Millie Foster and Shae White.

THREE students have chopped their long locks to support people with cancer.

The Peter Moyes Anglican Community School Year 9 students sent their ponytails to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths foundation to create real-hair wigs for women who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment.

Together, they donated 75cm of hair and the school donated funds raised from a raffle to the Cancer Council of WA, with three winners getting to cut off the girls’ hair.

Shae White was motivated to cut off 30cm of her hair after seeing a friend lose her hair while battling brain cancer.

“I saw my friend fade away and become shy because she lost her hair but that all changed when she was given a wig and suddenly she got her confidence back,” she said.

“By donating my hair I hope to give someone else the chance to feel happy and healthy again.”

Millie Foster, who cut off 25cm, said that she didn’t want to take the act of cutting her hair for granted. “Cutting my long hair was a huge step but when I realised that others don’t even have that choice it felt the right thing to do to |donate my hair and change the life of someone who really needs it,” she said.