Police and Road Safety Minister calls for motorists to slow down after drivers clocked at speeds of up to 154km/h on Indian Ocean Dve

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FOUR people caught allegedly driving between 137km/h and 154km/h on Indian Ocean Drive this month have prompted a call for motorists to slow down.

Police and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts expressed disappointment after several drivers on Indian Ocean Drive were caught by police travelling at highly dangerous speeds.

On Monday, Jurien Bay police allegedly caught a man driving at 154km/h and fined him $1000 and penalised him seven demerit points.

According to the Minister’s statement, he told police he was in a rush to get home to pack for a holiday.

Over the weekend, Lancelin police caught a man speeding at 147km/h while his two children were in the car while a third driver was clocked at 143km/h a day after the tragedy in which three people died in a crash on the road near Breton Bay.

Five minutes later, police stopped another driver for travelling at 137km/h.

“After the week we have had on this road, it is incredibly disappointing that people are still driving at these excessive and dangerous speeds,” Ms Roberts said.

“There is no excuse, it is completely irresponsible and puts the lives of all road users at risk.

“We’ve made no secret of the fact police are paying very close attention to Indian Ocean Drive and they will continue to do so.

“School holidays are just a month away and with the weather clearing, I expect many people will use Indian Ocean Drive to visit some of the popular towns along that part of the coast.

“Drivers need to slow down to save lives and prevent serious injury.”

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