Prepare for bushfires

North Metropolitan MLC Peter Katsambanis said northern suburbs residents should prepare their homes and families ahead of the bushfire season.

‘Bushfires are a part of life in summer,’ Mr Katsambanis said. ‘They can start suddenly, unexpectedly and move fast.

‘They can be extremely destructive and even deadly. Now is the time for action ” not complacency.

‘Any house or property near bush is at risk (but) a well-prepared property has a better chance of surviving a fire.

‘Preparation can be as simple as pruning back trees, cleaning gutters, cutting long grass and clearing rubbish from around your home.’

The MP said the State’s firefighters were prepared for a difficult fire season, but everyone needed to play their part after there were 3800 bush fires across the State last year.

‘Our professional and volunteer fire fighters are just one part of the defence,’ he said.