Projects a balancing act

Eleven of the 13 elected members present voted to give public notice of their intention to extend the existing dog beach 320m south, but two dissented, councillors Sabine Winton and Denis Hayden.

Cr Winton said she supported an extension but felt it did not go far enough given the 2012 coastal management plan recommended a 700m extension south within five years.

‘I don’t believe that it reflects the intent of the coastal management plan’ she said.

‘I have concerns about not allowing the public to have any input.’

Mayor Tracey Roberts said it was a matter of balance while the coastal protection works took place around Frederick Stubbs Park.

‘We have to be responsible ” there is going to be significant construction,’ she said. ‘(If we extended it 700m) there would be more dog beach access rather than family beach access.’

Mrs Roberts said the council could consider extending the beach further than the 320m once the protection works were complete and there was no indication it would not be extended the full 700m eventually.

The City’s administration will give 28 days public notice of its intention to extend the dog exercise area to Mary Street and report back to the council with any submissions received.