Questions arise over apartments

RESIDENTS took their concerns over construction of an apartment building at Mindarie Marina to Wanneroo City Council recently.

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Shaun Sturgeon and Rick and Michelle Bartelds raised their concerns about works on Bristol Lane during public question time at the October 15 council meeting.

Mr Sturgeon asked for responses to complaints he had lodged via email on September 7 and October 3, including a request for the construction management plan and whether residents could provide feedback.

Wanneroo’s planning and sustainability director Len Kosova said the City was assessing the construction management plan and would send Mr Sturgeon a copy, but it did not intend to invite public comments.

Mr Sturgeon also asked if the City would impose penalties for building operations occurring outside allowed working hours, however acting City businesses director Ian Hamilton said they did not have enough evidence of it occurring.

‘Should complaints continue to be received, health services can investigate further and if substantiative evidence of breaches is available, then enforcement action can be looked at,’ Mr Hamilton said.

Mr Sturgeon asked for details on how the general public, including nearby residents, would be protected from objects potentially dropping from the tower crane on the site.

Mr Kosova said the City was not responsible for enforcing the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

‘It is the responsibility of the proponent and its contractors to comply with all lawful obligations under Occupational Health and Safety legislation, to ensure the wellbeing of workers and the public alike,’ he said.

Mr Bartelds asked why residents were given insufficient notice about the plans before a Development Assessment Panel approved them on February 4.

He said letters to residents were dated January 25, but were not received until January 30 or later, meaning residents did not have time to complete a form to present at the meeting at least 72 hours before it, as required.

Mr Kosova said letters could not be sent out until a DAP meeting date was confirmed, and the delay in delivery of letters was beyond the City’s control.

‘Notwithstanding, one submitter who received the City’s letter of January 25 did make a presentation to the DAP meeting,’ Mr Kosova said.

Mr Bartelds also asked why a dust complaint from September 4 had not been resolved. Mr Kosova said the investigation had not yet been finalised.

‘Site inspections were conducted at the address of the complainant on the following dates, August 29, September 9, September 20 and October 10,’ Mr Kosova said.

‘At the October 10 inspection, a compliance officer met the complainant on site.

‘At the time of that inspection, small areas of sand were noted on the complainant’s driveway.

‘It was noted at the time, that the construction of a new residential dwelling at 25 Salford Promenade was also a possible source of some of the sand present.

‘The windblown sand may be from several sources and will require further monitoring. It is likely that some sand has emanated from the development site at 1 Bristol Lane and the developers will be requested to address this issue.’