Reluctant to limit drivers

‘Main Roads would be reluctant to reduce the speed on Marmion Avenue in isolation to facilitate a crossing point, preferring instead to investigate alternative options to accommodate pedestrian activity,’ Mr Roberts said.

‘This section of Marmion Avenue is a divided road with four lanes of traffic and functions as a distributor road; an 80km/h speed limit is deemed the appropriate speed limit in this situation.’

He said Main Roads WA would not consider creating a school zone on the section of Marmion Avenue abutting the school because of its fencing and elevated position above the road.

Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts said the City had not received any recent formal requests to reduce the speed limit in that area

‘The City would certainly support any application submitted by a school principal or headmaster,’ Mrs Roberts said, adding only schools or the road services officer could make applications.

‘Currently there are a number of facilities to assist pedestrians in crossing Marmion Avenue, including a pedestrian underpass south of Anchorage Drive (and) pedestrian crossing facilities at the signals of Quinns Road and Marmion Avenue.’

Dean Roberts said there were also uncontrolled pedestrian crossings at the bus stops south of Quinns Road and at the roundabout.

He said Main Roads would be happy to discuss any safety issues schools might have in the area.

Mindarie MLA Albert Jacob said he had written to the Transport Minister seeking a change to two bus routes to include a dog leg down Anchorage Drive to drop students at the three schools. Mr Jacob said he did not support changing the speed limit as it could give ‘a false sense of security’.

‘I don’t want to see students running across Marmion Avenue,’ he said.

‘If we can get a bus route solution, then there’s no reason for kids to be crossing Marmion.’

Butler MLA John Quigley said he supported reducing the speed limit to 60km/h because there were no suitably placed crosswalks with flashing orange lights to enable children to cross the road safely.

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