Residents air grievances

Two Rocks Fight Back Facebook founder Claire Gibney said the group dropped flyers in letterboxes asking the residents to attend.

‘We want to hear their concerns so that we can work with the council to resolve issues,’ she said.

Issues included antisocial behaviour, parking on verges and in front of houses, noise and urinating in public from drivers using the Dewars Beach (Durrs) Access Track.

Ms Gibney said residents asked hard questions about how the issues would be resolved.

‘It was more about getting ideas to work with council such as more rangers with a zero tolerance to eradicate antisocial behaviour and on the spot fines for illegal parking.’

‘Many residents said if the antisocial behaviour went away there would be no need to close the track.’

The community group supported council’s decision to defer the outcome of the Dewars Beach access report at last week’s council meeting for community consultation.

Deputations at the special council meeting start at 6pm on April 14.