Residents can loan wheelchairs, crutches

Last week the Times reported information included in a Wanneroo City Council report that the group also provided home maintenance, cleaning and gardening.

But office manager Moira Young said the group of volunteers did not currently provide any of those services.

‘We supply information to the community on all manner of things,’ she said.

‘We keep in touch with isolated residents to ensure they’re OK and we ferry local residents to the doctor, chemist and to the shops if necessary.

‘While we can’t come to your house and do your vacuuming, we can certainly steer you in the right direction if you need assistance.

‘Many of our elderly residents are receiving assistance and the cost is minimal if you are a pensioner.’

There are federally-funded Home and Community Care packages available to residents who need assistance, including personal care and transport to essential services.

To find out more about the home support group, call 9561 5161 on weekday mornings.