Ridgewood Reserve clubrooms to grow

The existing clubrooms.
The existing clubrooms.

A CONCEPT plan for the extension of clubrooms at Ridgewood Reserve has been endorsed by Wanneroo councillors.

The $420,000 project will expand the existing facility by 100sq m to include a multi-purpose room.

The City of Wanneroo sought feedback from resident sporting clubs and nearby residents on the design, with responses from the six clubs all supportive of the proposal.

A report by the City said construction was due to start in July, though if available funds were found during the mid-year budget review then building could start in May.

The facility is expected to open next December.

Quinns District Amateur Football Club had sought larger extensions of between 270-421sqm but abandoned its business case in June, as it would have delayed construction by at least a year.

The plan was supported at the December 6 meeting.