Roads often closed for driver safety

Soon after a suspected electrical fault ignited the vehicle and the flames ignited adjacent bushland. Strong winds helped the bushfire quickly spread to a large open area north of Pipidinny Road, causing a large plume of smoke to cover Marmion Avenue.

The fire was attended to by multiple units from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, including water bombers. Due to reduced visibility and risk to motorists, a section of Marmion Avenue was closed with roadblocks manned by police vehicles.

Unfortunately repeatedly motorists chose to stop and argue with police officers as to why they blocked the road.

When determining if a road closure is required, consideration is given to the effect it will have on motorists against the risk to their safety and it is always kept to the shortest time required.

If you encounter such an incident, please follow directions given to you by emergency services personnel who are working for your safety.

The fire was under control later that afternoon and the road re-opened about 6pm. While the original vehicle was burnt out, no other property damage or injuries were reported.