Safety fears over fast food proposal

At the Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association meeting on June 24, president Peter Wimsett said 14 people had sent their opinions on a proposed McDonald’s drive-through outlet on the corner of Marmion Avenue and Peony Boulevard.

Most of them opposed it, with three saying they were happy for it to go ahead.

Association members were concerned about increasing traffic and safety at the intersection, which also links to Lagoon Drive, because of the cars turning into and out of the shopping centre and children walking to and from school.

‘Have the traffic lights first and then have McDonald’s ” it is already dangerous to kids,’ Mr Wimsett said.

Member Sue Dash said the school zone around Yanchep District High School should be expanded to include Marmion Avenue.

Mr Wimsett said Butler MLA John Quigley had advised the association that even if the City of Wanneroo did not approve it, McDonald’s would get approval through the State Administrative Tribunal on the basis of employment.

Wanneroo Deputy Mayor Laura Gray said McDonald’s had opted to have its $3.15 million application assessed by the North West Metropolitan Development Assessment Panel rather than the council.