Shorewater Marine installs Seabin to collect ocean litter at The Marina, Mindarie

Max Brooking (Shorewater Marine) with a Seabin.  Photo: Martin Kennealey
Max Brooking (Shorewater Marine) with a Seabin. Photo: Martin Kennealey

A SEABIN will help clear marina water of litter in Mindarie from today.

The Marina, Mindarie operations director David Bornmann has been liaising with the Seabin Project team since May 2016.

“When I first heard of this initiative of a unique floating rubbish bin, that was able to be installed in a marina to collect waste, it peaked my interest,” he said.

“The fact that it was an invention of two local surfers from Perth added to the intention to be involved and have one for our marina as soon as it was available.”

It has taken two years for the project to come to fruition, with Shorewater Marine installing a Seabin at Mindarie on February 22, following installation of the first one at Coogee Marina in early February.

The Seabin. Photo: Martin Kennealey

The Seabin costs almost $6000 and will need to be checked and emptied on an almost daily basis, with rubbish sorted and the relevant pieces recycled.

It’s part of the marina management’s approach to a more sustainable environment, and follows a decision last year for all venues to stop providing plastic straws and offer paper straws instead.

That, coupled with environmentally friendly packaging, solar panel installation and ongoing recycling of plastic and bottles earned The Marina, Mindarie WA’s best environmental practice title in the 2018 AHA Awards for Excellence.

Shaun Williamson, Max Brooking and Hayden Hill (Shorewater Marine) installing a Seabin. Photo: Martin Kennealey

Marina management is organising a community event for Saturday, March 16 as part of the ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ initiative.

It is also in the process of implementing a manned, rubbish-collecting electric boat managed by One Straw Co and Cleanamarina, two environmental businesses that The Marina recently partnered with to ensure its waterways and surrounding environment were kept clean.

The marina will host its first open water swimming event on March 24 and in the lead up to that event, water quality is paramount to ensure maximum enjoyment for all participants.

“We know it’s not going to be an overnight process, but we are committed to having a positive impact on our environment and we pride ourselves in taking care of this beautiful area,” Mr Bornmann said.