Short term numbers boost

Wanneroo City council lors approved the change for Alkimos Baptist College at its last meeting, allowing it to have up to 410 students until the end of 2016.

Secondary principal Gary Harris said they expected to move part of the school, which currently had 290 students, to Alkimos once they secured land to build a campus there.

‘The council understands that we are in a campus that we are bursting at the seams,’ he said.

‘We are moving from Year 11 to Year 12 so there’s a slight increase in numbers.

‘It means that we can make plans for Year 12s next year.

‘This site here where we are now will revert back to a primary school site as soon as we find the land up in Alkimos.’

Mr Harris said they had been speaking to developers, who in turn were speaking to town planners at the City of Wanneroo, and he was optimistic the Alkimos campus could open in 2016.

He said eventually they planned to shift the primary school to Alkimos as well, but once the high school moved, the permitted student numbers would drop back down. The school opened at the Seagrove Boulevard campus in 2011.